We here at Novice Knights are dedicated to bringing you a high quality board game experience. While some would like to think that this will come in the form of:

You – Your Money Us Profit 

That isn’t how the world works, nor should it. Our preferred way of looking at it is:

Us + Our Creativity + Our Time + You + Your Creativity + Your Time = Fun

As such, we want to bring to life board game ideas that we have developed over the years, along with joining the growing movement that shares the ideas of fellow creators. This isn’t just about a business. It is about sharing the love of board games.

If you ever feel like we’ve strayed from that mission, feel free to find the nearest 2″ x 4″ and remind us.

There is a secondary goal that we will mention here and now, and we will always abide by:

Under no circumstances will we bend to the whims and fancies of political correctness. Humor and truth are two of our most cherished values, and there is nothing funny about censorship. While idiots and bigots are some of the worst versions of a human that a human can be, we believe that the best way to defeat a backwards idea is to make fun of it, not box it up, put it in the attic, and hope that no one ever goes there again. Bring it kicking and screaming into the light, and then, just Laugh.


(As a side note: Every time you see Hades on this site, just consider it your own personal trigger warning. There will be no future warnings)

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